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(A technology development initiative of MHRD and DST, Government of India)

PIs unable to submit their already saved/uploaded IMPRINT-2 preliminary proposals by tonight will be allowed to complete their submission until April 20 2018 , Friday midnight. Industry partner under IMPRINT-2 preliminary proposals is not mandatory. However, proposals with industry support will be given preferences.

What is IMPRINT?

India, a mighty global economy which will soon be crowned the youngest nation in the world faces multiple daunting challenges in terms of energy/physical/cyber security, potable water scarcity, environment and climate change, poverty, affordable health care for billions, etc. A vast majority of these tasks demand engineering intervention and technological innovation. A clarion call was made by the Honourable President and Prime Minister to address all engineering and technological challenges faced by the nation through a nation-wide unique initiative called IMPacting Research INnovation and Technology (IMPRINT) launched on November 5, 2015 from the Rashtrapati Bhavan. IMPRINT India was a multi-stakeholder mission programme aimed at bridging the gap between scientific knowledgebase created through fundamental and applied research and fruitful translation of the same through engineering invention and technogical innovation for the betterment of society.

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What is IMPRINT-2?

IMPRINT-India initiative was both novel and unique. Despite unprecedented interest, wide spread enthusiasm and unique scope and utility of the initiative, a need was felt to sharpen the focus, streamline the process of review and allotment, and showcase the fruits of innovation pursued and achieved through IMPRINT in public domain by creating a 'knowledge portal'. Thus, IMPRINT has now graduated into the next edition, IMPRINT-2, with wider scope, simpler guideline for participation and better synergy among investigators, partners and collaborators. It is also realised and appreciated that IMPRINT-2 should be undertaken in a more inclusive manner by expanding the catchment of implementing institutions, by adopting a more demand-driven strategy of solution development and by incorporating the specific externalities of the states of India so as to make end-user translation and technology adoption easier. SERB in the DST is proposed to be made the nodal agency for implementing the IMPRINT-2.

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Scope of IMPRINT-2

In order to simplify and streamline the process, attract wider participation of stakeholders including industry and sharpen the focus, a new and revised version of IMPRINT, IMPRINT Round 2 has now been envisaged which will be steered jointly by MHRD and Department of Science & Technology (DST) (through Science and Engineering Research Board, SERB). Core mandate of IMPRINT-2 will remain as:
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Living World

EN Energy Security

EC Environment and Climate

HT Healthcare Technology

SHSustainable Habitat

WRWater Resources

Materials World

AM Advanced Materials

IT Information & Comm. Tech

MT Manufacturing Technology

NT Nano Technology

SD Security and Defence

Important timeline/dates / Selection and notification

The call for submission of preliminary projects proposals for IMPRINT-2 (in prescribed format) will be opened and remain operational through an on line submission portal ( from 23rd March 2018 to 17th April 2018. The PIs of the shortlisted projects will be invited after May 11, 2018 to submit the final and detailed project proposal (through the same on line portal in a prescribed format) within a month. The proposed important time lines are as follows:

 Call for proposal: 23 Mar to 17 Apr, 2018 (submission through on line portal)

 Registration of PI: 23 Mar to 17 Apr, 2018

 Peer review: 10-30 April, 2018

 Review meetings: 1-10 May, 2018

 Announcement of shortlisted proposals: May 11 (Technology day)

 Final proposal: June 1-30, 2018

 Final peer review: July 1-31, 2018

 Final selection: Aug 1-15, 2018